How to Leverage Kindle Limitless for Marketing Your Books

Regardless of whether you’re an knowledgeable author already racking up revenue and new readership, or you’re just dipping your toes into the large waters of the self-publishing sector, the considered of producing your publications available by way of Kindle Endless (KU) has no question crossed your mind.

The genuine concerns is, must you or should not you?

Is there a obvious advantage for you, the writer, in employing this services? Simply because let us be truthful, your principal targets are to achieve exposure for your perform and make a residing although doing it.

With this in head, let’s talk about how you can market place your textbooks properly by leveraging the Kindle Endless system, together with the execs and disadvantages of using KU vs a broader distribution method.

What is Kindle Limitless?

If you do not already know, Kindle Endless is a membership-dependent service supplied by Amazon that makes it possible for visitors (Key and normally) to access their total inventory of KU publications for 1 low month-to-month charge.

At under $10 a month, it is straightforward to see why Kindle Limitless has gained a status as the “Netflix” of guides!

But, wait a minute… Download books $ten a thirty day period for unrestricted accessibility to all of their publications!? If you’re pondering who can make cash with this arrangement other than Amazon, you would be in very good organization.

Authors the entire world in excess of have been scratching their heads and idea-toeing close to signing up for Kindle Unlimited since they’re not certain about its extended-term positive aspects or prospective disadvantages.

The Pros and Negatives of Using KU vs. Making use of Wider Distribution

There are numerous pros and disadvantages that go together with making use of KU vs. broader distribution choices, or carrying out the exact opposite.


It enhances the get to of your publications – Amazon has at the very least fifty p.c market share in the US and Uk when it will come to electronic guide income. Which is Extremely considerable. Their ideal-marketing Kindle e-viewers, tablets and apps, as well as Amazon’s amazing ecommerce system and knack for turning browsers into customers are what generate this phenomenon. And it really is growing each yr.
The base line? Obtaining your publications featured on Amazon boosts the chance that they will be located and read by a good deal of individuals.

You achieve entry to Amazon’s ecommerce instruments – Amazon’s group is masterful at receiving customers to acquire, and it really is no different when they industry digital publications.
Via their KU software, you achieve accessibility to exclusive marketing instruments like their Kindle Countdown Discounts and Free of charge E-book Advertising, which each aid to enhance your readership and launch your new titles to success.

You make royalties for ever webpage read through – In contrast to classic textbooks sales exactly where a customer purchases your e-book and you get a one-off payment, with KU authors are paid a modest royalty for every webpage go through from each guide.
Indeed, you most likely will not likely make millions, but each and every penny does insert up.


Exclusivity of your book title with KU – You read through correct. If you make a decision to advertise a ebook utilizing Kindle Unrestricted, you are not able to promote that title anyplace else.
You happen to be title is bound to Amazon’s KU for ninety working day spans, soon after which, you have the option to renew your agreement.

Perhaps low earnings – Until you’re in the best percentile of guide publishers in the Kindle Unlimited system, you should not assume to get hefty royalty checks.
The huge greater part of self-printed authors locate that the likely for earnings per guide are a lot higher on other platforms when in comparison to KU.

There would seem to be a lot more to enjoy about the plan than there is to detest it.

But is it sensible to set all of your eggs in 1 basket and have titles distinctive to Amazon’s Kindle Unrestricted? Is there a position to even signing up if the opportunity of earning important royalties are slender?

The Response: Sure and No, based on your marketing and advertising method.

How to Use KU to Promote A lot more Textbooks

We previously described that Amazon has the lion’s share of the electronic ebook market, but anything that you could not know is that their KY consumers are no ordinary visitors.

The typical particular person who indicators up for a membership support like Kindle Unrestricted is best described utilizing a single word: Voracious!

Feel about it.

Who else would indication up for an unlimited source of guides every single and each month? An individual who cannot get sufficient of the composed term and who has the prospective to turn into a very loyal reader, if provided a very good cause!

Marketing specialists the world above have utilized the “totally free offer you” angle to hook new users into their products and services for many years. Some examples are, free of charge samples presented away at wholesale clubs, cost-free trials of computer software and free of charge material offered away to get new subscribers for e mail lists.

It’s so surprise that this method operates astonishingly effectively for offering eBooks too, particularly if you might be newer to the game and haven’t produced a identify for your self amongst viewers.

If you see Kindle Endless as a springboard for launching your self-publishing career it can be a real asset. The crucial is not to make all of your guides offered there, but only a number of of your absolute very best.

And why your best work?

Since, if a reader comes throughout a single of your textbooks you want them to be so fired up, spellbound and addicted that they have no choice but to go out and buy added titles if they want more. How’s that for encouragement?

Even a single extremely created and offered ebook offered on the KU platform has the potential to move you from fully unknown to notable between your goal viewers, virtually right away.

But what if you are an established self-publisher who presently has a significant adhering to?

If you happen to be previously properly-identified and experiencing profitable digital textbooks product sales, Kindle Limitless may not be an essential facet to developing your readership (despite the fact that it are unable to damage).

On the other hand, by not publishing at the very least one title on the platform, you may possibly be missing out on important advertising and marketing prospective (never fear, you can often use a pen identify).

Lindsay Buroker, a single author earning a full-time revenue for her operate, attributes anywhere from 85-90% of her revenue to making use of the Amazon Kindle Immediate Publishing and Kindle Limitless platforms. In distinction, her other ebook titles unfold throughout 7 substitute platforms collectively provide in the remaining ten-15%.

In her situation, the math is undeniable.

But the only way to know how it would function for you is to select some titles, sign-up for your very own Amazon KU account and see what takes place.

The Perils of Keeping away from Broader Distribution

No matter how you come to feel about Amazon, the simple fact is that they are 1 of the significant e-book distributors worldwide. Although it may be a grave blunder to go away them out of your ideas for marketing and advertising and distributing self-published titles, whole exclusivity could be equally troublesome.

While it can be really powerful, as with most items, there is a single caveat to utilizing Kindle Limitless solely for marketing your brand name.

While Amazon does have the greater part of visitors, you are missing out on the millions of viewers on other platforms such as Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and more.

For that reason by itself, it is by no means recommended to use any single distribution and marketing approach. Instead, emphasis on utilizing KU to advertise some of your best publications to achieve the publicity and new readership that only Amazon can provide and set the relaxation of your publications up for sale on any system and in any format that will make sales and earnings for your perform.


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